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Welcome to the platform Hedge Stable Finance

Globalization in the era of digital decentralized assets gives security, speed, and independence.
You are your own bank.
Use and choose the best for hedging, make timely and flexible, clear decisions
Blockchain technology

The hedge platform is built on, open architecture, blockchain technology, that mathematically provide security, reliability and transparency.

My Hedge

All assets that will be provided, placed from third party hedge stable finance platform for hedging, spot trading, cross exchanges or asset holders , assets will be subject to rigorous due diligence.


Hedge Stable Finance ,is a huge potential cryptocurrency market of stable decentralized assets using blockchain technology, covering more and more, territories, connecting more and more people both those already living in the crypto world and those just beginning their journey.


My HDSF deposit is safe, secure, decentralized, my stable finances along with hedge are just as secure and easy to convert, remember today you are your own bank without third parties.


Free movement of cryptocurrencies between your wallets and exchanges. Hedge your capital with safe assets that will provide you with reliability, whether it's cross-exchange or spot trading or savings, or safeguarding an asset in times of crisis Remain free to hold your own funds and eliminate the risks of holding your assets on exchanges.


The security of hedge is provided by blockchain technology. We do not keep private keys, we do not ask you for them, if someone does this on our behalf, please let us know.

HDSF Total supply 243,633,197 Tokens
HDSF   Total supply  243,633,197  Tokens

The Hedge Stable Finance investment platform presents a diagram of the distribution of tokens among community members by investors, as well as between the current team and future professionals who will later will join the development team. Tokens for a dedicated reserve fund, marketing, development and platform enhancement.

HDSF is an internal hedge platform token, it is not a stable coin, but has the potential to grow freely. The financial health and price of the HDSF token in the future will be determined by the community. An HDSF token is not a commodity or security. The decentralized token is based on Ethereum Erc-20 blockchain technology.


Preserve and grow your capital with safe and liquid assets . Even in a major storm or doldrums. As we have seen around the world, markets can go into severe depression under a variety of circumstances, but it is extremely rare and has its own uncertain, chaotic cycles, protect yourself and your capital with the right technology solution.

Stable finances

The hedge platform will provide you with the best decentralized solutions, stable coins from the traditional financial sectors both backed by real assets as well as possibly partially synthetic assets only fully vetted from reliable platforms.

The principle of capital flow of the hybrid-semantic hedge platform
Join today's hedge and modern cash flows

with a multi-tiered secure hybrid semantic trading and information platform and an institutional, next-generation cryptocurrency hedge fund. Directed priorities, where platform reliability, asset security such as , resilience and multi-layered parameters, a reliable, secure environment for all users and investors, platform developers have studied the weaknesses and mistakes of the trading platforms, which made it possible to build a unique platform. The hedge platform invites investors and institutional investors to participate in the initial launch phase of our new hedge platform, and initial offering of tokens. All you need to do to participate in the investment is visit our launchpad section.

To all willing users, investors of this platform, before starting to receive services or start use of the hedge, we strongly recommend that you read the white paper.